Cool outdoor skyline luge sports, bring your child to the outdoors activities

I believe that friends who have been to New Zealand and Singapore are no strangers to the skyline luge. This is a must-see for travel in Queenstown, New Zealand and Sentosa, Singapore.

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In the process of taxiing, you can not only pursue the excitement, but also enjoy the beauty along the way. The peaks and turns, as if walking in the green trees, the feeling of stimulating and coexisting with the beautiful scenery can be called the ultimate enjoyment of the senses.

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Skyline luge is a safe, entertaining and stimulating outdoor entertainment sport with a very wide audience. Currently in Asia, Singapore, Japan, South Korea and other countries have this sport.

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In Yunnan, China, the skyline luge project was also established, located in the Yunxiang Mountain Wind Valley Mountain Sports Park in Dali. There you can start a more radical skyline luge sport than Queenstown, New Zealand, because this skyline luge sport is located at an altitude of 2,174 meters, and it is a collection of elites from many international elite teams. It will be a The journey of the carnival. So friends who are eager to experience the skyline luge movement can start this outdoor activity with your children.

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The Dali Yunxiangshan skyline luge sports specially set a 1.6km junior track with a 1.3km advanced track. It transforms all dreams into reality. The road movements are rapidly declining under the influence of gravity. Through the unique design of the brakes, the visitors can control the speed and make the pursuit of novelty and stimulating people. Feel the joy of road sports here.

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