Russia under snow, beautiful outdoor travel

Snowy Moscow

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When it comes to Moscow, our first reaction is Red Square, the fighting nations, the military parade, Putin, the Soviet Union, Stalin. The melody full of brains is “Evening outside Moscow”.

When you really pass by,

The fairy tale world under the snow, the gorgeous art palace of bling, and the beauty of the East Slav girl are scattered in the churches in all corners of the city.

It’s really different from what I imagined. I just want to tell you that this is a fascinating country with too much passion, fantasy and romance.

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Travel through the coldest Siberia

Travel through the coldest Siberia 01

Travel through the coldest Siberia 02

Travel through the coldest Siberia 03


Sergeyev town | accidentally broke into the fairy tale world

Opening the curtains, the white world makes the already restless heart instantly pop out of the window.

Sergeyev town 01

Sergeyev town 02

Sergeyev town 03

Sergeyev town 04

Holy Trinity Monastery of Sergey.

Holy Trinity Monastery 01

This is one of the oldest and most famous monasteries in Russia and enjoys the reputation of “Orthodox Holy Land”. The small town of Sergeyev is named after the Russian Orthodox saint Sergey. It is said that more than half of Russia’s history is related to the Orthodox Church, and Sergeyev is where the Orthodox Church is located, and its position is naturally irreplaceable.

Holy Trinity Monastery 02

The monastery includes the Holy Trinity Church, the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin, the Tsar’s Palace, the chapel, the bell tower, the Dokhovsky Church, the charity hospital, and more.

Holy Trinity Monastery 03

There are beautiful church buildings here. If you don’t see them, you wouldn’t dare to conclude that she is the most beautiful building complex in Russia.

Holy Trinity Monastery 04

Holy Trinity Monastery 05

Holy Trinity Monastery 06

Holy Trinity Monastery 07

Holy Trinity Monastery 08

One of Russia’s tallest towers, 5 floors, 88 meters high, 30 bells

Holy Trinity Monastery 08

Holy Trinity Monastery 09

Holy Trinity Monastery 10

Holy Trinity Monastery 11

Holy Trinity Monastery 12


Victory Square in World War II

Probably no country in the world can appreciate the subway station as a “treasure”, and come to Russia, if you have not been to the subway station, there will be regrets.

Victory Square in World War II 01

Some people say that the Royal Palace in St. Petersburg belongs to the Tsar’s Palace, and the subway in Moscow belongs to the people’s underground palace.

Victory Square in World War II 02

On the way to Victory Square in World War II, we were fortunate to witness this subway station, which is considered to be “the most beautiful and literary in the world, and has the reputation of an underground art hall.”

Victory Square in World War II 03

Victory Square in World War II 04

Out of the subway station is Victory Square of World War II.

Victory Square of World War II 01

The Victory Square was built to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the victory of the anti-fascist war. This is a commemoration of the past war by the Russian people, placing their homage to heroes and their aspirations for peace.

Victory Square of World War II 02

Victory Square of World War II 03

Victory Square of World War II 04

Victory Square of World War II 05

Victory Square of World War II 06

Moscow Triumphal Arch, built in honor of the Patriotic War of 1812.

Moscow Triumphal Arch

Compared to Paris, the Arc de Triomphe is similar in shape, but slightly smaller. But it is worth mentioning that these two Arc de Triomphes were built to commemorate the same war.

Landscapes of Moscow 01

Landscapes of Moscow 02

Landscapes of Moscow 03

Landscapes of Moscow 04


Travel to Russia, to be continued, being updated……………………………………………..


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